It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Babubhai PATEL at the age of 79.

C’est avec grande tristesse et le cœur lourd que nous vous annonçons le décès de Babubhai PATEL, à l’âge de 79 ans.




Mardi le 22 Septembre, 2020 / Tuesday September 22, 2020

11h Accueil / 11:00 am Welcome

12h45 Procession / 12:45pm Procession

13h Adieu / 1:00 pm Farewell



11:00 am – 1:00 pm


Aeterna Funeral Complexe

55 rue Gince, Montreal, Quebec H3N 1J7


Stefanos Svourenos

Un service accompagné par / A service accompanied by

Stefanos Steven Svourenos
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mardi 22 septembre 2020

Envoyez vos messages de condoléances.

Bharti Patel

Condolences to all the family, our thoughts and prayers are with you and wishes of peace and rest for our dear Brother and Mama. . With love from Nandiben and family

Violette Paré

À Maria et à toute sa famille, nous exprimons nos sincères condoléances. amicalement, Violette Paré et Denis Chouinard

AllenFolet AllenFoletUH

Hurry up to look into you will find a lot of interesting things

Gina Kriarakis

My deepest sympathies to you and your family, Maria. I'm so sorry, but I will not be able to attend for the 7 is my birthday and on the 8 I'm stuck at work. I love you so much. You are very special to me. Stay strong Agapi mou.

Nick Manolakos

My sincerest and deepestcondolences. Angela will be greatly missed. Thoughts and prayers with your family. Nick Manolakos & family


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Send your condolences.

Gita Patel

RIP Mama With Deepest Sympathy You are all in our prayers 🙏🏼 Nandiben (Dudley) Gita Mahendra Nikhil Krishan (Ilford London)


બાપુજી શું જીવન જીવીને સુખ સહુને આપી ગયા.... ખુદ ઘસાઈઅમ કાજે સૌરભ થઈ પ્રસરી ગયા..... જીવન એવું જીવી ગયાકે કદી ભુલાય નહીં..... વિદાય એવી લીધી કે કદી ભુલા આપય નહીં...... પ્રભુ એમના દિવ્ય આત્માને શાંતિ અર્પે અંતઃકરણપૂર્વક પ્રાર્થના અમારા સવનિ....... - નાનું કોટેજ

Prabha Patel

You are my special Masa. I will miss you Dearly. Rest in peace 💝🙏🏾

Anastasia Manolakos

My condolences to your family ... May she rest in peace.

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