It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Maria GIANNAKOPOULOU born Eleanor VADERat the age of 83.


C’est avec grande tristesse et le cœur lourd que nous vous annonçons le décès de Maria GIANNAKOPOULOU née Eleanor VADOR, à l’âge de 83 ans.



Vendredi le 11 Decembre / Friday December 11, 2020

12h30 Départ / 12:30 pm Departure



Followed by interment

Cimetière St-Laurent Cemetery



Stefanos Svourenos

Un service accompagné par / A service accompanied by

Stefanos Steven Svourenos
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vendredi 11 décembre 2020

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Claybourn Claybourn

It was it is with a heavy heart that I have to find out that my grandmother is dead I apologize sincerely to the family I would like to reach out to the family members to find out what happened what's going on with my grandmother


Friday, December 11, 2020

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Samantha Claybourn

It is with a heavy heart that I find out so late after your passing that you are no longer here I had hoped that one day we could have reconnected with one another I cherished the few memories I had built with you as a child from the foods you introduced to me to visiting your apartment looking at your jewelry and hearing your stories from when you were younger playing your piano and taking our little shopping trips by taxi . I didn’t know you for long but the memories I had of you I never forgot I wish you are happy in heaven and know that i am sending you love up there and I’m sure you are sending some down if any of your immediate family should see this and could possibly reach out to me your granddaughter I would love to speak with them they can find me on any media platform by my full name Samantha claybourn

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