It is with great sadness and a heavy hearts that we announce the passing of, Evdokia SOURLIGAS ANTGINAS at the age of 89.


C’est avec grande tristesse et le cœur lourd que nous vous annonçons le décès de Evdokia SOURLIGAS ANTGINAS, à l’âge de 89 ans.



Mercredi le 8 Juillet, 2020 / Wednesday July 8, 2020

16h Accueil / 4:00 pm Welcome

21h Adieu / 9:00 pm Farewell



Jeudi le 9 Juillet, 2020 / Thursday July 9, 2020

9h00 Accueil / 9:00 am Welcome

11h30 Départ / 11:30 am Departure

12h00 Église / 12:00 pm Church

Église Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Church

 7700 Avenue de l'Épée, Montréal, QC H3N 2E6



Followed by interment

Cimetière The Mount-Royal Cemetery


Stefanos Svourenos

Un service accompagné par / A service accompanied by

Stefanos Steven Svourenos
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Max Cooke

A Personal Eulogy for Christos’ Mom I’ve enjoyed countless meals at the Sourligas household over the last 25 years – mostly during the decade that I lived in Montreal. I fondly remember those days of heading into Park-Ex hungry with anticipation for authentic Greek comfort food. She was like a second mum to me. In fact, the entire family adopted me around their dinner table. I remember climbing those apartment stairs following the intensifying waft of dinner, the pre-plating sounds of clanging pots and cutlery. I was always greeted at the top of the stairs by her big smile, a whispered “Ti Kaneis?” and a gentle peck on each cheek while she held my hands, looked into my eyes, and knew instantly what kind of day I was having. We couldn’t communicate verbally, but she always had a way seeing right through me and of making me feel better about things. Once the scrumptious family-style spread was served, she would always hover quietly over her diners, sometimes engaging in our lively hilarious banter. She rarely sat down to eat, preferring to monitor and replenish the supply. This was her happy place. As an Anglo-Saxon who once lacked an appreciation for the importance of freshly prepared food and sit-down family meals, this was my training ground. I have since honoured her customs in my own home with family and friends, which brings me the same joy to nourish souls. She reinforced in me that love isn’t always conveyed by what you say, but rather how you look after those you love every single day. Second helpings of her renowned moussaka, gemistra and spanakopita were provided without me asking. My mouth was full and it was just assumed that I’d eat more. Extra slices of thin white sesame bread and the bowls of tzaziki, taramitsolata, feta, olives and other delicacies were constantly refilled. As other bellies filled and she was casually waved off, all of her attention shifted to me. It was our routine. She had that innocent look of anticipation, and as embarrassed as I was, I would take a deep breath and nod an okay for a third helping. She wasn’t twisting my arm. Her eyes would light up with joy and radiant laughter. I’d always pay this ultimate compliment to the chef by gorging myself beyond reason. Then the kourabiedes, other custardy sweets and Greek coffee came out to bloat me over the edge. A leftover takeout package was prepared, then she would finally sit, pour my miniature coffee cup upside down and read my grounds slowly and carefully while others translated her predictions of what my future held. She always reassured me that things would be okay, with a few intriguing twists and turns, and she was always right. Unable to move too far after dinner, I would waddle to the living room couch for the nightly news – which included the legendary Sourligas peanut gallery – and sneak a nap in prior to departure, satisfied and humbled by the love and care that I received. Christos’ mom was very special to me. I’ve lost such a wise stable figure in my life. I take comfort that she has passed these nurturing qualities on to her daughter and sons, and they know that I expect to be fed three helpings the next time I’m able to visit and mourn with them. My sincerest condolences to Alex, Lambrini, George, John and Christos and their families. Take comfort in knowing that Mama will always be with you, along with all of the fortunate folks like me who she selflessly adored.

John Legourdas

Τα συλλυπητήριά μου σε όλους και πιο πολύ στα παιδιά τις θέας και τον σύζυγό Αλέκο.

Anita Cooke

When I met your Mother a few years ago, she made us a lovely supper, & was always so good to my son Max. Many good memories that will bring a smile to your face

Andrew Karpyszyn

Christos, My deepest sympathies to you and your family on your loss. Andrew

Brent Schiess

Christos and the rest of the Sourligas family, My wife Gerda joins me in expressing our condolences on this deep loss in your family. If what is reflected in the monumental cookbook is any indication, your mother has left an exceptional impression on many. I am sure she has played a great part in imbuing Christos with his outgoing, loving, kind yet mischievous demeanour. We pray that the cherished memories of your Mother help you through this difficult time, and that you be spared any further sorrow.

Andreas Kessaris

My deepest condolences.

Gauthier Helen & Scott

We love you so much thia. May you rest in peace. Our condolences to the entire family.

Nathalie Patenaude

Toutes mes condoléances à toi et ta famille

Chantal Bourdeau

Cher Dr. Paul, Je vous offre mes plus sincères sympathies pour la perte de votre mère. Je vous garde dans mes prières. Chantal B.

AllexandrRom AllexandrRomOB

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nathalie landry

Famille Roumeliotis, En ce moment douloureux, que l’amour de votre famille et vos amis puissent vous apporter un peu de réconfort. Nos pensées sont avec vous, sincères condoléances. Département de Techniques juridiques du Collège O'Sullivan de Montréal

RobertWexia RobertWexiaMS

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MoonMoose MoonRavenRR

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Kurt Plaitis

My Condolences to the entire family I want to thank you for making me proud to be your Godson you will forever be in my heart throughout my journey of life. Rest in peace much love.....Kurt♥️ .

Smith Bergrome

Mes condoléances à toute la famille. Je pense à vous dans ces moments difficiles. Les souvenirs et bons moments passés avec lui sont éternels. Smith

Howard Wiseman

Louis and Vanessa, please accept my most heartfelt condolences. I hope your fond memories of your dad will somehow help you get through this very difficult time.

Joanne Marcone

My deepest sympathies to the family. May the memories you cherished bring you comfort and peace.

Send your condolences.

Besz Karamouzis

My deepest condolences to the family. She was an an amazing lady.

Chris Altiparmakis

Zoi se SAS Kai stis anamnisis tis mhteras SAS.

John Wong

My condolences to you and your family.

Denise Antginas-Gips

Dear Theo Aleko, John, George, Chris and Noula, We are so sorry to hear about your mom. May your beautiful memories of her give you strength during this time. Thinking of you all and your families. Denise, Stephen and Gabriella

Leigh Ann Taylor

Dear Christos & family, I`m sending you my deepest, most heartfelt condolences & care at this difficult time of grief. Your love & dedication to your mother, and to the life she lived, will always live on. Sincerely, Leigh Ann xo

Nick Kyriopoulos

My deepest sympathies to all your family....

Maria Stergiou

My condolences. See you on Thursday.

LIZ and Emmanuel PLAYTIS

Dear Georgia and Paul and entire family, We would like to convey our deepest condolences on the loss of your beautiful and loving mother and grand-mother. She was our devoted auntie, and much loved by the entire Playtis family. We will always cherish her love with cherished memories within our hearts. Heaven just received a beautiful soul. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. love always Emmanuel, Liz, Jazmin and Vanessa Playtis

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