It is with great sadness and a heavy hearts that we announce the passing of, Ketan Kumar PATEL at the age of 43.


C’est avec grande tristesse et le cœur lourd que nous vous annonçons le décès de Ketan Kumar PATEL, à l’âge de 43 ans.



Samedi le 8 Aout, 2020 / Saturday August 8, 2020

12h Accueil / 12:00 pm Welcome

14h45 Procession / 2:45pm Procession

15h Adieu / 3:00 pm Farewell


12:00 pm - 2:45 pm





samedi 8 août 2020

Envoyez vos messages de condoléances.

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Keyur Patel

Rest in peace ....ketan Brother

Patricia Bellezza

My deepest condolences to your family. My he rest in peace⚘

Olga Grillas

Our deepest and most sincere sympathies to you and your family. God rest his soul and may he forever rest in peace.

Tony Sidiras

Our deepest condolences for the family Rest In Peace, Zoi se sas Tony, Sita and Amanda

Venetia Stathopoulos

Goddaughter Venetia Stathopoulos,: Luv You Always!

Zaharatos Jerry & Betty

Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. May he rest in peace!!

Kennethruile KennethruileQT

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Erica Horváth

Őszinte részvétem az egész Családnak. Lányok nektek sok erőt. 🖤😢😢😢 Puszi nektek Andyka 😗

Martin Chenier

Mes sincères condoléances à tout la famille 🌹

Imma Iorio

May precious memories comfort you and may the caring concern of family and friends carry you through this time of sorrow.

Teresa Sciortino

I am sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Gertrude Lajoie

You were a great son in law to me. A wonderful husband to my daughter Diane , and a wonderful father to your daughters, Jaime and Cynthia. you will be missed. love you and Rest in Peace!

Chantal Larouche

With a heavy heart, please accept our deepest condolences for the sudden lost of your very Dear husband and Dear father. His presence in your life will certainly be missed and the pain of him no longer being there so closed to you will be very hard to manage at times. There will be time where you will feel Petros very strongly from the heaven telling you to stay strong, that he loves you all very much and that he will be watching over you. May knowing that Petros spirit will also remain in our memory and heart be of a little comfort. I wish to extend my gratitude to him for all that he brought to our family. Please take all great care of you. With great compassion, respect and love, Chantal (x) and Steve, Sara and George

Pierre lajoie

Toute mes condoléances à la famille je garderai des souvenir très important et surtout très marquants pour moi salut petro

Gertrude Lajoie

You were a great son-in-law, father and husband. I will always love you! Rest in Peace!

Daniel Cyr

Bonjour Diane, nous sommes avec toi dans ce moment difficile et éprouvant. J'offres mes condoléances sincères à toi et ta famille en mon nom et au nom de tous le personnel et les bénévoles de la COFAQ. Malheureusement je ne pourrais pas présenté mes voeux en personne, mais on a tout de même envoyé des fleurs, pour la mémoire de ton mari. Merci de ta contribution au kiosque, je penses à toi. Daniel Cyr et cie, responsable du kiosque de Loto-Québec de la Place Vertu

Fonda & Susie Papanicolaou

No words can express the deep sorrow we feel for the loss of such a good man and lifelong friend. Our hearts go out to his family. Petro will be remembered for his kindness, his smile, his laughter, his love and commitment to his wife and daughters. He will be sadly missed. Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη αγαπητέ μας φίλε.

MoonMoose MoonRavenRR

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Kristina Rajendran

Our heartfelt condolences to you all. Our hope in Christ is to see appa soon with Jesus Christ coming in the midair. Kristina and Josmael

Smith Bergrome

Mes condoléances à toute la famille. Je pense à vous dans ces moments difficiles. Les souvenirs et bons moments passés avec lui sont éternels. Smith

Howard Wiseman

Louis and Vanessa, please accept my most heartfelt condolences. I hope your fond memories of your dad will somehow help you get through this very difficult time.

Joanne Marcone

My deepest sympathies to the family. May the memories you cherished bring you comfort and peace.


Saturday, August 8, 2020

Send your condolences.

Chandrakant Patel

My condolences to the family of Ketan. May God give them courage to face this uncertain situation to face. God give his Devine soul peace. Amen....

Charly Orias

My condolences ketan family

Delano Jeyaratnam

I was so very sad and sorry to hear of my good friend's passing. He was a great person and a cherished friend. I will cherish my great memories of our time together. I will never forget all the wonderful times we spent together. You have my heartfelt sympathy

Miriam Senerchia

My deepest condolences to all of you. May God give you guys strength during this difficult time! Heaven has gained another angel that will forever protect you. 🙏🙏

Lakatos Mihály

[email protected]

Argi Papagiannaki

My deepest sympathies for this immeasurable loss. A great hubby and a cool dad, among many other things. I wish you all strength and inner peace during this time.

Doll Xavier

My condolences to the family. Your mom was a very nice person with a big heart and always has a smile when I meet her. May God bless her soul and give strength to the family. Sending lots of love and a big hig

Panayiotis Kirantzi

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Παναγιωτα Κυραντζη

Τα θερμά μου συλλυπητήρια. Δεν έχω λόγια για την απώλεια του θείου μου.Ζωή σε λόγου μας. Να είστε δυνατές για την μητέρα σας.

Lorraine lajoie

To my wonderful brother in law, you will be missed. You were a wonderful husband to my sister and father to your children. you were loved by the whole family. Watch over us from heaven.. Rest in peace. We love you very much!

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