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Coleman was born on September 5/1981 in Saskatoon SK and died on September 24/2021 in Montreal QC.

It is with great sadness and broken hearts that we announce the passing of our Beloved Son, Coleman Hahn. He leaves to mourn, his parents Scott and Toni Hahn, grandmother Sara Rattray, aunt and uncle Vicki and Garnet Smeal, cousins Lisa Kokol and Jeremy McNeill. Also to mourn are his grandparents Larry and Carol Hahn, aunt Candace Hahn (John), cousins Courtney Lopez (Milo) and Branden Duval. Coleman also leaves to mourn, his father and stepmother Lloyd and Jeanette Jarvis, sisters Lindsey, Jessica and Katlyn Hiddink, grandmother Donna Murdock as well as many extended aunts, uncles and cousins. Coleman was predeceased by his uncle Steven Peigan, grandfather Wilson Samuel Jarvis, great grandparents Henry and Elizabeth Driedger, Rubin and Violet Hahn and Marie and Hugh Cummings, great uncle Menno and great aunt Sophie Driedger, and family friend Ken.

We do not know how to accurately convey our immense sadness and loss to you all. The story of our Son's life is one filled with great passion and love, but also of great struggle and pain. Coleman's battle with mental illness probably began before he was 20 years old. As a family, we were never able to get a correct diagnosis, until he was diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago by his doctor in Montreal. The mental illness played an overwhelming role in his daily life, yet it was not the only part.
The best part of Coleman was his huge heart; his immense love of God and his love for his parents and his entire family was endless. Coleman had a lighthearted side and loved to make people laugh. At a young age, Coleman truly enjoyed the dinosaurs, spending the summer at Drumheller camp. He is even credited to have discovered a nest of dinosaur eggs at camp that are now on display at the Drumheller Museum. For years as a kid, Coleman loved to practice the discipline of Kung Fu in Red Deer AB with the the renowned Dr. Kenneth Wu. Coleman loved to compete in Kung Fu tournaments and took home a number of trophies. Coleman also tried playing hockey, at the behest of his Dad, but did not really take to the sport. He loved baseball, where is Dad was the coach and Coleman was a pitcher and second baseman. Their team placed second in the city finals. Coleman also enjoyed participating in his high school wrestling team and team events.

Coleman's bestest friend in the whole world was his dog, Coco. Coco and Coleman were inseparable and Coco was very protective of Coleman, and lived every day awaiting Coleman to ask if he wanted to go for a 'walk'. They are together again, eternally now.

When Coleman was 18, he stated to his Dad that he would love to work in the same industry but in a different genre. He planned to first work and earn the practical hours and tuition to attend and obtain a diploma in Maintenance and Engineering, and ultimately become a Level III Inspection Engineer. Coleman attended one of his Dad's week long radiation safety training exam preparation seminars in order to challenge and write the government certification exam. Coleman passed with Honors, and was designated a Level I Certified Exposure Device Operator on his first attempt. He immediately found work in the industry with a unionized inspection company in Saskatoon SK. Over the years he worked all over Western Canada for various inspection companies. After following his parents to Cairo, Egypt, he even performed inspection with Canadian NDE in his mid twenties. This was the time that Coleman's mental illness went "next level" and due to his experiences, decided to move back to Canada where he felt the mental health system would better suit his needs. Back in Red Deer AB though, he seemed to fall through the cracks as his mental illness grew strength and slowly began to negatively affect his ability to function.

In his 30s, Coleman moved to Montreal QC. In going there, he went to battle, he went to war with his illness. What he decided, was to protect his family, especially his Mother, Toni, by living afar and away. Our Son was a true warrior, a brave and loving man. Coleman's spirit lives on in each and every one of you that knew him, and loved him for who he really was.

More support is needed and donations can be made online at The British Columbia Schizophrenia Society at or at the Alberta website, You can choose to support either research, purchase products or their main fundraiser, 'See Me, Not My Illness'.

A Memorial for Coleman will be announced in 2022.

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