In remembrance of Ragoobir Samdeo born September 24th 1942 in Trinidad and tobago. Passed away on August 20th 2022 at the remarkable age of 79.
He was known as Dousku, Doy-singh, and other eccentric names given by many.
He leaves behind his wife Lucy Degale a long lineage of 1 daughter, 5 sons, known as Mitra, Danny, Andy, Rani, Wigi, Gigi and 8 grandkids Rishi, Keri, Ravi, Meri, Pilar, Ava, Alyssa, Alina.

He was someone everyone knew, everyone shared memories with, had jokes, shared smiles.
His obsession with cricket from a young child all the way to his elderly years was always unflinching, weather it was playing it with his grandkids to watching all the hours of test match to IPL. A sport that everyone of his kin grew up playing it, watching it, teaching it.

Ragoobir was also known for his 19 flavors

of chicken and rice, would have been 20 but, time got the best of him. Over the years his culinary history expanded to egg fried rice, egg salad and macaroni pie.

He was a superstar, traveling around the world Aruba, Guyana, Puerto Rico, America, Canada, Jamaica, Bahamas, Cozumel. He has seen what the world had to give and showered his experience with everyone.

Ragoobir Samdeo will be miss dearly, may his soul be bless and safe travels.


You are invited to Æterna funeral complex on Wednesday the 24th
From 10 am to 4pm


mercredi 24 août 2022
  • 10:00


Wednesday, August 24, 2022
  • 10:00 AM

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