It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the loss of our beloved Gail Allison Colwell, a mother, sister, aunty, and dear friend to many. On May 20th, 2024, Gail took her own life at the young age of 53 years old. This comes as a surprise to many, as Gail was known for being that person who always reached out and checked in on people. We now know that she had been dealing with her own battles.

Gail was the youngest daughter of Ralph Colwell and Mary Ellen Solomon. She is survived by her only son Brandon Colwell, her brothers, Edward, William and Peter, her sisters, April, Linda, Sarah and Ruth, her nieces and nephews, and many cousins. We find comfort in knowing that Gail has finally found peace and has returned to Spirit World, where she will be reunited with all her family and friends who have passed away.

Your presence is the most important gift you can give our Beloved Gail Colwell at her Memorial at the Kahnawake - Mohawk/Teepee on June 29th, 2024 @ 1PM.

As we cherish Gail's memory, let us recall her radiant spirit and the love she shared, forever etched in our hearts. This support from all of you will help to make her last service wonderful and everything she would have wanted.

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