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Lucie Marsolais, Executive Director

Mrs. Marsolais has a lively, innovative spirit, always seeking to enhance the unique experience offered by the Aeterna Funeral Complex. Focused on professional and warm support, 24-hour availability and caring for their clients, Mrs. Marsolais and her team are proactive, attentive and concerned about making the Aeterna experience outstanding and reassuring for each client. The success of the Aeterna Funeral Complex depends on each team member's achievements and exceeding expectations, and Mrs. Marsolais among them.

"My team is professional and thoughtful. They will do their utmost to accompany you, support you and make your experience a pleasant one."

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Stefanos Svourenos, advisor

Pleasant, attentive and understanding, he will listen to you in order to offer you wise advice that will meet your needs, and all in the greatest respect. With his knowledge of four languages (English, French, Greek and Portuguese), he can easily communicate with our diversified clientele.

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Wenbo Yang, advisor

An excellent communicator and persuasive, with a distinguished personal approach of his own, Wenbo Yang is our most experienced funeral director, having worked for more than 18 years with the Groupe Aeterna - Aaron Funeral Complex, including the last 10 years with Aeterna. Fluent in 4 languages (French, English, Mandarin and Cantonese), he will be able to assist you at every step. Wenbo Yang stands out for his strong ties with the Chinese community in Montreal and his respect for values and traditions. 

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Jacob Lamoureux, thanatologist and advisor

The Aeterna Funeral Complex can count, for example, on the presence of Jacob Lamoureux, a dedicated employee who is committed to the well-being of his clients. Indeed, his meticulous attention to detail and innovative ideas enable the Aeterna Funeral Complex to be future-oriented, for an ever more comforting and warm experience.

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Jérôme Beaulieu, thanatologist and advisor

A graduate of thanatology from the Collège de Rosemont, Jérôme Beaulieu has been working at the Aeterna Funeral Complex since 2015. Most of his work is done in the laboratory as a thanatologist; however, Jérôme occasionally meets with bereaved families as a counsellor. Very approachable, considerate, meticulous and devoted, he will accompany and guide you throughout the process.

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