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Published on May 22, 2020

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Not knowing when social distancing will be lifted in Quebec, we owe it to ourselves to innovate and find solutions to pay a final tribute to our deceased. Almost everywhere in the world, social distancing will be with us for a number of months more, limiting travel at important times. We know how essential the funeral ritual is in the stages of mourning, giving those around us a chance to say a final good-bye, while paying tribute at the same time.

Funeraweb, celebrating life

In August 2005, Chantal Lepage and Mario Duchesneau created Funeraweb, a Quebec company paying tribute to the deceased by video, broadcasting funerals on a web platform. A priceless souvenir for families and loved ones and an irreplaceable opportunity for families who are physically distant or overseas. With the constantly changing market, Funeraweb's founders added a service in 2015: webcasting funeral ceremonies in a chapel. This service offers accessibility to loved ones who can't attend the ceremony. Knowing that the verbal testimonies of those around them are a real comfort in the mourning process, this service takes on its full meaning even more for bereaved families.

New at the Complexe Aeterna

Thanks to the installation of cameras and all the necessary equipment in our establishments, Complexe Aeterna is now self-sufficient to give you the opportunity to attend the funeral of a loved one no matter where you are in the world, via, accessible directly on our website. On the deceased's "death notice" page, there will be a link to the live recording or rebroadcast of the ceremony. As the funeral is an intimate moment full of emotion, a password will be given to the family for those who wish to access the recording. This service is a great benefit to enable families from here and elsewhere to grieve.

Given the health crisis we are faced with this year, this service is invaluable for everyone, both in terms of respecting social distancing and for people living outside the country. This technological solution will therefore be even more valuable in the coming months, to stay in touch and share difficult moments.

The Complexe funéraire Aeterna is turning to this technological solution to better support its bereaved clients. It will make it possible for Aeterna to quickly raise the funeral practice standard, adapting to any circumstances. A few weeks ago, we introduced the in-car condolence service, another innovative initiative in the field. Our professional team is constantly listening and adapting to offer you the best possible ways to say good-bye. Technology will enable us to commemorate and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have sadly passed away.

For more information on how Aeternaweb works or to speak to one of our counsellors on this subject, don't hesitate to contact us at 514 228-1888.

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