Is It Time to Start Thinking About Your Funeral Prearrangements?

Published on October 13, 2023

The purpose of funeral prearrangements is to plan the various steps to be taken when you die, such as the type of service or ceremony you wish to have, and the selection of the casket or urn.

Taking charge of your prearrangements gives both you and your loved ones peace of mind. By making your prearrangements, you ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and you relieve your loved ones of an additional source of stress at the time of your death.

But when should you start planning your funeral prearrangements? That's what we'll look at together in this article…


Funeral prearrangements: never too early!

It's easy to think that prearrangements concern only people who are well into old age. However, there's no age limit for making funeral prearrangements!

In truth, there's no need to wait until your old age to start thinking about the details surrounding your final farewell. On the contrary, it's much wiser to start when you're thinking clearly and in good health.


Retirement: your reference point

Retirement is usually a good time to start thinking about your funeral prearrangements.

Most often, by the time you reach retirement, you've found an area you like and are well established in your community. If that's the case, you're less likely to move far from your current home, which makes prearrangement planning easier.

In retirement, your financial needs should also be lower, allowing you to finance other projects and needs, such as your prearrangements. In fact, by opting for prearrangements, you protect yourself against inflation and, above all, spare your loved ones from having to shoulder the expenses associated with your death when the time comes.

The Aeterna Funeral Complex offers flexible payment options so you can arrange everything the way you want.


A subject to discuss with your loved ones

By the time you reach retirement age, your children are often adults. This makes it easier to discuss your prearrangements with them. You can then inform them of your wishes and make sure they are well understood. For their part, they can also tell you how they would like to celebrate your life.

When you make your prearrangements at Aeterna Funeral Complex, you'll have access to several tools to help you think through your final wishes.

We'll provide you with a personalized logbook, where you can enter various information related to your will, your mandate in the event of incapacity, and organ donation as well as information on your genealogy and emergency contacts.


How do I get started?

Our team can guide you through the process of planning your funeral prearrangements. Our dedicated staff will provide you with advice and an attentive ear.

You can begin by filling out our online form to state your wishes in 5 easy steps, which will help you start thinking about the type of funeral you would like to have.

We then invite you to make an appointment with us.

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