Funeral wreath: when should we contribute to it?

Published on July 25, 2016

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The choice of flowers and sprays of flowers is generally made based on the relationship established with the deceased person. Since the funeral wreath is quite large, a contribution may be made toward its purchase by chipping in with a group of people who have a similar relationship with the deceased. The choice of flowers for mourning is vast, ranging from a simple bouquet to a large grave top.

Family members

The members of the deceased's very close family (children, spouses) usually choose the large floral piece designed to cover the grave. When funerals are conducted according to Christian ritual, a cross-shaped spray is often used as a tribute. This composition may be made from roses, a symbol of love, particularly reserved for close family members. Slightly more distant members may choose a grave front, mourning cushions or a funeral wreath. If the deceased had grandchildren, they will be able to express their affection by choosing heart-shaped mourning flowers, for example. The flowers or rose petals tossed or placed  during the last farewell are chosen by close family members.

Close friends

Close friends often contribute to the funeral wreath. Unlike the family, they tend toward more sober colours, in pastel and white shades, tones that symbolize friendship. However, there is no strict code for close friends of the deceased, as it is perfectly acceptable to contribute by offering brightly coloured flowers symbolizing the joy of good times together. Each person  can personalize the funeral wreath based on the relationship they had with the deceased.

Friends of the deceased who know one other and who had a special relationship with the deceased sometimes chip in together to send a funeral wreath from the group. It is then sufficient to mention the list of donors in an accompanying note.

When an agreement can't be reached on the choice of a group funeral wreath, a contribution is not required, of course. A simple, carefully arranged and personalized bouquet will also serve as a beautiful tribute of friendship. And lastly, those close to a member of the deceased's family who did not know the deceased intimately may simply send a sober bouquet in classic tones, a few days after the ceremony. This gesture allows the family to be comforted in their grief, once the funeral is over.


Colleagues, neighbours, members of the same association, etc. Acquaintances may contribute to a group funeral wreath that will be given to the family. The list of contributors is included with the wreath that is sent. White, mauve or pastel flowers, such as chrysanthemums or carnations, are traditionally used for this type of wreath. Each person contributes based on what they can afford and on the closeness of their relationship to the deceased, but there are no requirements in this regard. Sometimes, the cost of the wreath is merely divided equally among the people contributing to purchasing the wreath.

If none of the members of the group of acquaintances (co-workers, for example) has taken any steps toward purchasing a wreath, then it will be necessary to consult with one another and check who wants to contribute, so that it an order can be placed as quickly as possible. Everyone can contribute a funeral wreath: close friends, childhood friends, distant family, acquaintances, etc. Such contributions make it possible to share the family's sadness and to support them in their grief with thoughtfulness and kindness.

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