The Aeterna Funeral Complex: a Future-Oriented Approach

Published on September 26, 2019

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Long-rooted in its traditions, the funeral industry is becoming increasingly modern. The decline of religion as well as the public's high level of environmental awareness, are prompting us to review our practices. At the Aeterna Funeral Complex, we can count on the presence of a director with an innovative vision as well as on the employees' desire to always offer services adapted to everyone's wishes and customs. Learn more about the need to offer a modern and innovative approach to the funeral industry.

Cremation is gaining in popularity

With the shrinking interest in religion in our society nowadays, we are seeing a significant change in the selection of the type of ceremony. While the majority of ceremonies took place in the church, there is now a marked preference for civil ceremonies. These are held at a funeral home or in other unusual places, in the image of the deceased. Now, nearly 70% of Quebecers choose cremation and fewer and fewer people opt for exposure. At the Aeterna Funeral Complex, we have a crematorium oven right within our facilities, so you can attend the cremation. Our team will accompany you during this difficult time, which may prove to be a very emotional one.

Increasingly technological ceremonies

As mentioned above, the funeral rites formerly associated with the Catholic religion are gradually disappearing, giving way to ceremonies where new technologies are very present. Nowadays, for instance, we see a presentation of self-portraits or videos. Tributes are personalized from now on, to well represent the deceased. In some cases, humour is even used to provide a more relaxed atmosphere. At the Aeterna Funeral Complex, we want to give you the opportunity to organize the ceremony of your choice, while ensuring the dignity and respect of the deceased person.

Everything happens at an incredible speed, even funeral ceremonies

One of the main trends observed is related to the speed with which funerals are held. Whereas previously the body was exposed at a funeral home for three days, the new generation who loses a loved one now wants everything to be settled quickly. No longer do visitors come to the funeral parlour over a number of days to pay their last respects to the deceased. Today everything takes place in one day: cremation, ceremony, visits by relatives and friends, etc. However, it should be noted that it is important to take the time needed to grieve, as the pain and sorrow will certainly catch up with you otherwise in the end. Feel free to contact us for our advice on the psychological support available.

Options that will respect your environmental values

Many aspects of our lives have been influenced by green concerns and the funeral industry is no exception to this trend. In fact, many people want to die while limiting their environmental impact as much as possible. To do so, the Aeterna Funeral Complex offers you a wide range of ecological urns: sand and wood urns, or an urn containing a tree cutting. These types of urns have the special feature of being biodegradable, which reduces the deceased's ecological footprint. In addition, urns containing a tree cutting make it possible to grow a tree—an excellent way to contribute to environmental conservation. During the buffet, real dishes may be used, in order to limit the waste caused by disposable dishes.

Regardless of the type of ceremony you would like to have, the Aeterna Funeral Complex team will be there to meet your needs in order to respect your wishes and your convictions. Our approach is based on openness, so that we can offer you choices that are in line with your beliefs, sexual orientation, family traditions, environmental values and religion. Contact us to discuss the various options available and thereby benefit from the expertise of our employees.

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