The Funeral Industry Can Count on the Next Generation!

Published on June 14, 2019

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Serving the Greater Montreal area, the Aeterna Funeral Complex is fortunate to benefit from the vitality and vision of its Executive Director, Lucie Marsolais. With solid experience in strategic planning, she has succeeded in raising the Company to the ranks of a true leader, by setting up a caring work team with innovative ideas. In order to stand out from the competition in the funeral industry, which often operates with a rather conservative type of management, Mrs. Marsolais has succeeded in positioning the Aeterna Complex as a high-end institution that can accommodate a very diversified clientele.

A future-oriented vision
Since joining Aeterna, Mrs. Marsolais has always worked to achieve specific objectives, in order to enable the Company to stand out from its competitors, with a human approach where respect for cultural diversity is a priority. Her "seventh sense" gives her the opportunity to find new business ideas and see their potential, in order to put them into practice in the Company. In addition, Mrs. Marsolais isn’t reluctant to look beyond the country to seek training geared toward innovation, in order to enrich the talents of each member of her team. This administrator also attaches great importance to intrapreneurship, which is why she makes sure to provide the coaching that the next generation needs in order to develop. With her daring, hale and hearty spirit and her keen mind, Mrs. Marsolais always works with the intention of protecting her employees, because for her, the success of the Aeterna Complex depends on everyone's accomplishment and on surpassing themselves.

Introduction to the new generation
The Aeterna Funeral Complex can count, for example, on the presence of Jacob Jérôme, a dedicated employee who is committed to the well-being of his clients. Indeed, his meticulous attention to detail and innovative ideas enable the Aeterna Funeral Complex to be future-oriented, for an ever more comforting and warm experience.

Welcoming diversity, for a personalized approach
The Aeterna Funeral Complex is equipped to meet the needs of clientele from various cultures and origins, which is why our employees make it a point to be aware of the specific features of each funeral ritual. In addition, our team doesn’t hesitate to call on its knowledgeable resources to provide service that is adapted to the requirements of each community. Aeterna's staff will ensure you discretion and empathy, regardless of the nature of your requests.

At Aeterna, customer satisfaction is a priority and we want to provide families with a modern, distinguished place to reflect on their grief through support and sustained listening. Throughout your experience with the Aeterna team, you will be offered personalized support, and all in the greatest respect.

Contact us if you need more information about our services or if you would like advice on funeral planning.

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