How Technology Can Help in Times of Grief

Published on March 13, 2024

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Technological advances offer new ways of honouring the memory of deceased loved ones and supporting those in mourning. At the Aeterna funeral complex, we understand the importance of these resources in helping families through such difficult times.

In this article, discover the role of technology in modern funeral ceremonies and, above all, how it can help those in mourning.


A personalized celebration of life, thanks to technology

At the Aeterna funeral complex, we believe that funeral rites must never stop adapting to the needs and beliefs of families in mourning.

That's why we know that technology can be an invaluable asset when it comes time to planning a celebration of life that reflects the spirit of a loved one. In fact, new technologies now make it possible to personalize tributes in unique and meaningful ways.

The team at the Aeterna funeral complex keeps abreast of the latest technological advances so that our clients can hold ceremonies that reflect the spirit of their loved ones, thereby offering comfort and serenity to those in mourning.

One of the services we offer is Service 9, a digital platform for collecting messages of condolence during a celebration of life. The platform is made available to mourners on site during the ceremony. A digital file is then given to family members as a memento of the deceased.


Streaming live ceremonies with AeternaWeb

Driven by the urgency of the pandemic crisis, the field of communications technology has seen great advances in recent years. In the funeral industry, this is reflected in the growing popularity of online funeral services.

The Aeterna funeral complex offers family and friends living far away the opportunity to attend the funeral of a loved one, wherever they may be in the world. Thanks to the AeternaWeb service, accessible directly on the death notice page of the deceased, it is possible to attend the funeral ceremony live or to view it at a later time. This allows those who cannot be physically present to still be involved in the mourning process and pay tribute to their loved one.

AeternaWeb is also used at cremations to broadcast live from the room where the door to the cremator is located, enabling those who wish to do so to experience the mourning process from a distance, with the utmost respect.


Virtual candles, flowers, condolences... and a little more

More and more everyday transactions and actions are taking place online, for the sake of convenience and accessibility. The funeral industry is no exception to this trend. By introducing various services to its online platform, the Aeterna Complex wanted to enable everyone to show their support and grieve in their own way.

On the Aeterna website's death notices page, you can show your support in a variety of ways:


  • Light a virtual candle in memory of the deceased
  • Choose flowers online and send them to the family of the deceased
  • Write and send your condolences to those in mourning


In addition, we provide a form where anyone can leave a note (on the French form) that they would have liked to pass on to a loved one, whoever they may be. These simple gestures allow family and friends to find a space to express their emotions and love for the deceased, even from a distance.


Digital memories and memorial pages

Social media play a central role in our modern lifestyle, even after the death of a loved one. That's why it may be a good idea to consider turning a deceased person's social media pages into memorial pages. These pages become virtual gathering places where people can reminisce about moments shared with the deceased and express their support for the grieving family.

Some platforms don’t offer the option of transforming a deceased person's page or account into a memorial page. In that case, you may still wish to close the account in question.

Here's how to proceed with the most popular platforms:



In addition to memorial pages, technology also makes it possible to create lasting digital keepsakes in tribute to a lost loved one. Dedicated websites, memorial videos or even genealogy platforms make it possible to collect and preserve memories and stories of the deceased.

These digital memories become tangible testimonies to the impact that the loved one had on the lives of those who loved them.


In summary

In conclusion, new technologies offer many possibilities for supporting people in mourning and honouring the memory of lost loved ones. By combining tradition with technology, we can create a unique experience to celebrate the lives of those who have passed on.

At the Aeterna funeral complex, we are committed to using these tools to provide full support to our clients in their grieving process. Our advisors are here to support you. We know how to use technology to make your journey easier.


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