How to Choose the Right Flowers for a Funeral

Published on December 14, 2023

Flowers have always been part of funeral ceremonies. They offer comfort to the loved ones of the deceased and add a touch of tenderness to the farewell ceremony.

Giving flowers to the bereaved family is a way of showing your sympathy and expressing your emotions in ways other than words. Nevertheless, there are a number of things to consider when choosing the floral arrangements that will adorn the space of a celebration of life.

Find out how to choose the right flowers for a funeral or memorial service.


The memorial site

First of all, the choice of floral arrangement varies according to the place where the celebration takes place. You will opt for a different arrangement if the flowers are intended to adorn the ceremony site or if they will be sent directly to the home of the deceased's family.

If the ceremony takes place in a church or funeral complex, you generally have more latitude in the choice of floral arrangements. From bouquets and wreaths to crosses, sprays and potted plants, there are many options available.

If the ceremony is held at a crematorium, certain rules may limit the choice of arrangements you can send, for health reasons. It is therefore advisable to check with the establishment before finalizing your purchase.

If you don't know where the ceremony will be held, or if it has already taken place, you can still send flowers directly to the home of the bereaved family. In this case, it's advisable to choose a floral arrangement other than the traditional funeral arrangements. Opt instead for a personalized bouquet or a house plant.


The relationship with the deceased

The choice of floral arrangement you send for a funeral also depends on the relationship you had with the deceased.

The main floral pieces are usually chosen by the deceased’s family and close friends. These floral arrangements are more imposing, as they form part of the decor chosen for the farewell ceremony.  

If the person being honoured was a friend, a simple but tasteful floral arrangement is preferable. It is intended to be more discreet, and doesn't necessarily have to conform to the "funeral" style. You can personalize your choice of flowers according to the tastes of the deceased or the memory you will keep of him or her.

If your connection with the deceased is professional, or if he or she was more of an acquaintance, it's best to opt for a traditional funeral floral arrangement. If you are sending your condolences on behalf of an organization, a wreath is a wise choice.


The symbolism of memorial flowers

Certain flowers have a special meaning when used as part of a funeral tribute. You can draw inspiration from these symbols to guide your choice and, in so doing, give your gesture an even deeper meaning.

  • The rose: Always in good taste, its colours have different meanings. The white rose is associated with youth and innocence. The red rose bears witness to an eternal commitment to a loved one or life partner. The yellow rose is a token of friendship.
  • The carnation: This flower is associated with mourning and discretion, making it a good choice for paying tribute to a colleague or acquaintance.
  • The lily: Its whiteness represents purity. It can symbolize the sincerity of your emotions or illustrate the purification of the deceased's soul.
  • The chrysanthemum: A symbol of eternity, this flower is ideal for marking the departure of an acquaintance in a sober, respectful way.
  • The gladiolus: This flower comes in many colours. It evokes integrity, sincerity and strength of spirit.


The shapes and colours of floral arrangements

Lastly, the flowers offered to honour the memory of the deceased can take on many different forms, depending on how they are to be used and the message they are intended to send.

White flowers are the most popular in the funeral industry. They are traditionally associated with purity of feeling, peace and respect. However, there's nothing to stop you from opting for colour. Bright hues can represent the bubbly personality of the deceased, for example. Pastel shades, on the other hand, evoke nostalgia.

Some arrangements have specific uses:

  • A heart-shaped arrangement expresses love and attachment to the deceased.
  • Casket sprays, as the name suggests, are used to decorate the casket of the person being honoured.
  • Urn arrangements are specially designed to enhance a funerary urn, in the case of cremation.
  • The cross of faith can be used if its symbol corresponds to the deceased's beliefs.
  • The wreath is usually sent on behalf of a group, such as a company or organization.

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