Funeral home: support for grieving families in Montreal

Published on September 16, 2016

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Unprepared when faced with the loss of a loved one, we all need a shoulder to lean on when confronted with the many responsibilities that fall on us. By taking charge of everything, a funeral home helps bereaved families through this difficult time.

The mission of a funeral home
A funeral home does much more than just providing assistance for planning, organizing and carrying out the funeral. It is responsible for the legal procedures, transporting the remains, offering advice on funeral arrangements, looking after receiving the guests and their well-being, holding commemorative ceremonies and, above all, supporting the families all throughout these various stages.

Assistance before, during and after the funeral
Within 24 hours after the death, the mandatory steps are followed: Informing local authorities, quickly obtaining the necessary medical-legal documents to be able to plan the funeral, notifying relatives, organizing rituals in detail (flowers, casket, emblems, meals, etc.) in accordance with the deceased's last wishes, if any, making quick decisions, requesting $2500 in death benefits from the RRQ, finding offers in keeping with the available budget, etc. All this needs to be done and is looked after by the funeral home.

Then, once the funeral is over, families in mourning are faced with other legal formalities, such as requesting a search for a will, cancelling insurance cards, inheritance formalities and a whole list of procedures. It is sometimes a real unexpected obstacle course for which bereaved people are unprepared. Many have difficulty bringing themselves to take the next steps, some of which can be looked after by the funeral services.

Personalized support
To enable families to grieve as peacefully as possible, funeral services have evolved over time and now offer a full range of assistance. For this purpose:

- A funeral advisor will guide you in your choices and find solutions adapted to your situation.

- The facilities are designed to provide comfort, a soothing atmosphere and practical services for the family. For example, spacious and well-appointed rooms (lighting, decor) are available for the farewell ceremony on site, at all times.

- For those who opt for cremation, crematoriums are increasingly becoming a complex where there are private lounges for the last good-byes and a columbarium to get together in a peaceful setting, at all times.

- Each bereavement is different and each individual experiences it in his or her own way, which is why the support of a funeral home is designed, above all, to be personalized.

- Because it hears and respects your grief, a funeral home concerned about the quality of its service will do its utmost to meet your needs and expectations, according to your  own means.

A meaningful funeral to better deal with your grief
Funerals are not just about paying tribute to the deceased. They are essential for the family that needs to say good-bye one last time, to accompany them all the way and to have friends who come to express their sympathy. The family needs to hear the speeches made in the deceased's memory. Knowing that the deceased was appreciated by everyone soothes a heart suffering from the painfulness of the loss.

It is therefore important to offer a meaningful funeral to help heal the grief. The role of the funeral home is to make it possible to hold a ceremony in accordance with the wishes, values and traditions of each family. And because funeral rites differ from one culture and belief to another, every detail is reviewed so that nothing is left to chance: the choice of casket or reliquary, flowers, planning for the religious service, excavation in the event of burial, and so on. Everything is done with total dedication to the family and to the memory of the deceased.

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