Funeral Rites That Reflect the Person You Are

Published on August 27, 2020

  • Funeral complex

A true reflection of the changes in our society, modern Quebec families today are defined by a multitude of customs, beliefs and values. Indeed, some are multi-faith, others are atheists and many attach great importance to the environment.

This transformation has certainly had a significant impact on funeral rites in Quebec. At the Aeterna Funeral Complex, we adapt to your beliefs and traditions by offering you customized service that will provide you with a distinctive way to honour the life of your loved one.

Rethinking funeral ceremonies

Although many of our clients choose a traditional religious celebration in the presence of the casket, others are abandoning this custom and church mass in favour of a more creative and customized funeral ceremony that is more in keeping with their image and that of the deceased.

For example, people in the new generation more often opt for cremation and commemoration in the presence of the ashes, whether at the funeral complex or elsewhere. Green burials are also becoming increasingly popular. Some of our clients ask us to plan a themed celebration that relates to the keen interests of the deceased, such as baseball or painting. At your request, we can also give each person in attendance an object that will remind them of their loved one, such as a candle, a plant or an item engraved with their name.

An essential step in the grieving process

Regardless of the form the funeral will take, keep in mind that it is not only to honour the deceased, but also for those who remain, to help them through their mourning process. Moreover, you can organize a ceremony outside the complex, in unusual locations for funerals: a golf course, park, museum, etc. The key is therefore to respect the deceased, while thinking of his or her loved ones when planning the commemorative event.

Our attentive staff will support you throughout the process and ensure that this celebration remains a rite of passage of mourning, without going overboard. With our vast experience, we will be able to customize the ceremony to suit your wishes without compromising its sacredness.

Regardless of your beliefs, at the Aeterna Funeral Complex, we provide all the necessary resources to give meaning to your loved one's funeral and enable you to go through this significant step in full privacy.

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