Funeral prearrangements: as important as the will

Published on August 21, 2019

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When we think of funerals, we first think of wills. Did you know that a pre-arranged funeral is as important as a will? In fact, the official document outlining funeral pre-arrangements may be written even before a will is drawn up. Learn more about what this document should contain and why you will be prompted to write it.

What does a pre-arranged funeral consist of?

This document, which can be written in a simple way, includes your last wishes regarding the organization of your funeral. This will enable your loved ones to organize the ceremony according to your wishes, to reflect your personality and desires. In addition, you will be able to determine the type of services you would like to have as well as the budget you want to provide for the ceremony.

Since the day of your funeral is an opportunity for your loved ones to celebrate your life, it is important that the ceremony represent you, as their recollections of this event will be forever engraved in their memory. For example, pre-arrangements can deal with purchases to be made (a casket, urn or headstone), services such as embalming or cremation, or the type of ceremony you would like to have (religious or civil).

Why write your own funeral pre-arrangements?

As important as a will, pre-arranged funerals will save your loved ones from stressing over important questions about your last wishes. In addition, as they will be dealing with lots of emotions, this will prevent any kind of misunderstanding. Written in black and white, your wishes regarding your funeral should be faithfully carried out by those around you. This will make it possible for them to mourn with peace of mind, as they will be assured that they have respected your last wishes. And lastly, the pre-arrangements are also used to establish the budget that will be allotted to the ceremony, freeing your loved ones from an unwanted financial burden in this way.

If you need advice on how to write your funeral pre-arrangements, contact the Aeterna Complex team. With pleasure, we will assist you in your efforts, so that you can write a funeral pre-arrangements document that is complete and clear for your loved ones. In so doing, you will help them avoid unnecessary stress in those times of great distress.

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