How to prepare well for your own death

Published on October 9, 2019

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One of the only sure things in life is that we are all going to die someday. Whether we are rich, educated, good-looking or not, our life will eventually come to an end. For many people, avoiding the subject helps them believe that the end of life only affects those that are left behind. However, not preparing for death is like putting your head in the sand. So here are some essential actions to take in order to organize your death, in order to leave this world in dignity.

Take out final expenses insurance or repatriation insurance

In addition to life insurance, which is a must, the Aeterna Funeral Complex offers various other insurance, including final expenses insurance and repatriation insurance. These insurance contracts are available whether you are healthy or ill. In the case of final expenses insurance, it will give you the certainty that your loved ones will have the necessary funds to fulfill your last wishes and also cover other costs, such as additional months' rent so that others can clear out your belongings from your apartment. If your children live out of town, you could also add an amount for their airfare. For any questions regarding our insurance programs, don't hesitate to contact the Aeterna Funeral Complex team.

Remember to write your instructions on anticipated medical situations

It is when you are in your right mind that it is important to clearly indicate your position on medical assistance in dying. In fact, in the event of cognitive loss, you may not be eligible for this type of assistance if you have not already mentioned it. To do this, consider formally stating your last wishes, so that you can die with full dignity. This can be done by filling out the Advance Medical Directives Form. If you consent to organ donation, remember to place the appropriate duly signed sticker on the back of your health insurance card or complete the Organ and Tissue Donation Form.

Leave your papers and personal belongings in order

When you die, your loved ones will have to sort through your personal belongings as well as all your papers and legal documents. To make their lives easier, put your files in order so they don't have to search. Make sure to keep your important documents in a safe place and inform those around you exactly where that place is located. If you have belongings that you no longer use, it may be wise to sort them out and give away what you no longer need. Also make sure you list the social networks and other online accounts to which you are subscribed and try to collect all the passwords associated with them. This will avoid many headaches for those around you who will have to close your accounts.

Settle your personal conflicts

Even if you are not ill or at the end of your life, make sure you always resolve your personal conflicts. It is not on your deathbed that you should think about resolving your problems with your family or friends and it is not a good idea to contemplate dying with the regret that you have not made peace with your loved ones.

Make your will and mandate of incapacity

Be aware that there is no age for writing your will. If you already have one, make sure it is still valid. Certain life events, such as the birth of a child or a separation (or divorce) may cancel certain parts of your will. If you do so before a notary, you will also be able to write your mandate of incapacity, in order to identify the person who will take care of you in the event of your loss of autonomy. That person will also be responsible for your finances until your death.

Write your prearrangements

To avoid leaving your loved ones with the burden of organizing and paying for your funeral, it is important to make your prearrangements, which will enable you to establish a list of your wishes concerning various subjects: cremation, choice of urn, selection of the type of ceremony (religious or civil), buffet, music, etc.

Please note that written prearrangements can be opened separately from the will and that you can benefit from the advice of the Aeterna Funeral Complex team when drafting your funeral arrangements. All our staff works with the greatest respect for your values and traditions and we will be pleased to assist you in establishing your prearrangements. Contact us without further delay.

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