Why Is It Important to Have a Funeral?

Published on March 10, 2020

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When someone dies, it is a time of sadness for family and loved ones and it is often the most difficult time to cope with. Besides, organizing a funeral is never a pleasant experience, as everything seems to happen at the same time and the deceased's loved ones are rushed into taking all kinds of actions and decisions. Mourning a member of our circle of friends or family is a must to say one last good-bye, while paying tribute to that person.


Why funeral rites?

Funeral or burial rites have always existed in all cultures of the world. We think that religion is the cause, but in reality, funeral rites vary from one culture to another. Funeral rites are a set of gestures, rituals, words and, in some countries, dances as well, to support and pay tribute to a human being at the time of that person's death, by means of a ceremony. The deceased's era, social status, beliefs and those of the society, the circumstances surrounding the death and the deceased's wishes are all aspects that influence the nature and choice of the funeral ritual. It is important to organize a funeral so that the deceased's loved ones can mourn, come to terms with this death and embrace its occurrence as positively as possible. If the death of a loved one is initially felt to be a wound, a loss or even a handicap for the bereaved, the intense pain that is brought to bear on them serves as a rite of passage towards inner peace, if the funeral has been experienced with emotion and sincerity. The important thing is not to bottle up one's emotions, but rather to express them.

On the other hand, it is important to respect the deceased's pre-arrangements, so you organize the funeral according to that person's last wishes. In addition, well-planned pre-arrangements can lighten the burden on the bereaved's loved ones. If the deceased does not have any pre-arrangements, it is still important to celebrate, in order to leave a trace, a commemoration, of the person who has passed away.

We're here to help you

When a loved one passes on, we often feel sad and lost in the many actions that we have to take in order to organize, and then attend, the funeral. Not everyone handles these upheavals between actions and emotions in the same way, which is why it is important to be able to count on trusted professionals to support and guide you in making the best possible choices. At Complexe Aeterna, our counsellors are there to support you in these difficult times. They will be able to inform you and calm your worries, by guiding you through the not-so-pleasant tasks of organization, right up until the day of the final farewell.

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