All You Need To Know About Cemeteries

Published on November 16, 2023

When planning our funeral prearrangements, there are a number of decisions to be made. These include the method of disposal and the final resting place.

Whether you decide on burial or cremation, you always have the option of being buried in a cemetery.  

What do you know about the options that come with choosing a burial site? Find out everything you need to know to make an informed choice by reading this article…


What is a sepulture?

As explained in the Act respecting arrangements for funeral services and sepultures: “A sepulture is a lot, plot, compartment or other space in a cemetery, columbarium, mausoleum or any other place used for the same purposes.”

In other words, the sepulture is the space where the buried body or ashes of a deceased person are laid to rest. Whatever form it takes, the sepulture provides a place of remembrance for your loved ones. That's why it's important to choose it with care.


Different cemeteries, different rules

All cemeteries are regulated by certain laws imposed by the provincial government. These laws are designed to ensure that all citizens receive ethical and professional treatment after their death.

For example, you can't bury a body anywhere else but in a cemetery, which is managed by funeral professionals. As stated in the Funeral Operations Act: "The interment of a body must be carried out in a lot or mausoleum situated in a cemetery or be carried out, after the Minister’s authorization has been obtained, in another place."

In addition to the laws that apply to all funeral businesses, each cemetery has its own rules and restrictions. These could influence your decision, which is why it's essential to find out about the particularities of each cemetery you're considering for your final resting place.

Our advisors are trained to guide you through the process of finding the resting place that will best suit you and your loved ones.


Burial concession, plot and monument

Do you know exactly what a burial concession, plot or monument is? Here's what you need to know about them:     

  • A plot is a space reserved for you or your family in a cemetery.
  • A concession is the right to occupy a plot for a given period of time.
  • The monument is the "tombstone". Most often engraved with the name of the deceased, it indicates his or her resting place.

As you've probably understood by now, while the monument belongs to you, the plot does not. By reserving a space in a cemetery, you "rent" it for a specific period of time. A concession lasts from 25 to 100 years, with 100 years being the maximum allowed by law.

If the plot is not renewed at the end of the concession, the cemetery will do everything in its power to find the descendants of the deceased buried there and, as a last resort, may apply to the Quebec court to reclaim the site.

As for the monument, it can be personalized according to your own wishes. Find out when is the best time to start having your funeral monument made.


The cemetery, a place for remembrance

Cemeteries are more than just places for burial. They are also places for the living to gather and remember.

So, when choosing your cemetery, don't forget to consider the needs of your loved ones:

  • What's the atmosphere like in the cemetery?
  • Is it easily accessible for your loved ones?
  • Is it a place that makes people want to pay their respects and remember their loved ones?

You can even consult your friends and family when choosing a cemetery. They'll be able to tell you how they would like to pay tribute to you after you've gone.


How to reserve a cemetery plot

Our team can guide you through the process of helping you find the best option for you, from choosing a cemetery to designing your monument.

We invite you to make an appointment with us to discuss your options.





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